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Need assistance with relocating expatriate staff?

Expatriates accepting an offer to work and reside in the Netherlands make a major decision that affects the whole family. What’s essential is support from someone who knows the Netherlands well.

We have relocated more than 400 families

I offer that service. My name is Sanne van Kampen and I assist expats with their relocation to the Netherlands. In the past 13 years, I’ve assisted about 400 international clients with their relocation . I have excellent connections in my network who assist me and they possess an average of 9 years industry expertise.

We aim to make each relocation as straight forward and as smoothly as possible

Moving to another country is an interesting, but stressful, experience. I’ve worked abroad for years, and know how overwhelming it can be to move to a foreign country - with or without a family. The innumerable issues that pop up, the problems that arise, the many things you have to arrange. I’ve been through that experience four times: in Dubai, Aruba, Barcelona and London. At that time, I had no one to assist me. So I know how useful it can be to be able to consult someone who knows exactly what you have to do and the many things you should take into consideration. After my international career, I worked for KPMG Meijburg & Co for more than 10 years as an advisor on international recruitment. This helped me to understand how to make a moving experience for my clients a pleasant one.

Feeling at home abroad

Top One Relocation is based in Amsterdam but works throughout the Netherlands. Because we are small, I can offer very personal and flexible services. I’m involved from the first to the last step, and I’m always available. Problems that arise are quickly solved. I work on relocations with a clear, step-by-step plan, and I keep clients informed throughout the process.. All agreements are confirmed by e-mail. I ensure that your employees will feel at home here quickly.

Call us
Clients who have used my services for years include PricewaterhouseCoopers, Alphabet Nederland B.V. and KPMG Meijburg Expatriate Services. I would be happy to discuss how you can use my expertise. Call or mail for an initial, without obligation , discussion and let us help you what you are looking for.

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