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Settling-in services

Once practical matters are settled, the expatriate family will settle-in quickly into their new environment. Top One Relocation arranges the settling-in services such as opening a bank account, requesting an OV-chipcard, and getting to know the public transport system.  From picking them up at the airport to getting insurance policies to finding a good GP and dentist; Top One Relocation takes care of it.

· Airport Pick up/Drop off

· Accompanied house viewings

· Banking and monetary system

· Insurances: home/apartment, car

· Post Office

· Shopping: supermarket, pharmacy, cleaners, clothing stores, etc.
· Restaurants

· Car leasing/purchase

· Furniture leasing/purchase

· Appliance leasing/purchase

· Childcare and school search, registration

· Adult education

· Medical/dental facilities: physicians, dentists, specialists

· Emergency phone numbers

· Children’s social activities and sports teams

· Sports/health clubs

· Parks, botanical gardens, museums, galleries

· International networking clubs/associations

· Pet needs

· Public transportation

· Routes to workplace, school

· Domestic help: cleaning, garden services

· Volunteer groups

· Arts, cultural events

· Local/regional/government holidays

· Driver’s license

· Private car and driver

· Department of Social Security

· Local government registrations

I would be happy to help your employees with their move to the Netherlands.

Copyright © Top One Relocation

Designed by mr helikiter


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