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Top One Relocation offers a wide range of services:

Introduction to the new environment

International assignees who move to the Netherlands have to make a choice about where to live. If you are not familiar with the region, it is difficult to find out where you should be looking.  I assist them with finding a suitable location. I show the expat the best areas, where are the facilities and services you need. What kind of accommodation is available and at what sort of price? Is there a gym where you can workout? Where do you do your shopping? And, of course, where can the kids go to school or day-care?


Finding a place to live is one of the most important issues when moving to the Netherlands. I work with a large number of real estate brokers, know the best places to live in the Randstad, and can find accommodation for your employees  in all price ranges, short or long term. Before the expat arrives in the Netherlands I discuss his or her budget and their housing requirements. Based on that I make a selection of the available houses and accompany the client on the house viewings.  Once they have found a suitable place to live, I assist with the negotiation process and reviewing the rental agreements. Top One Relocation is independent, so we are not tied to any specific banks or real estate agents. Before the family moves in, I ensure any necessary repairs are carried out and I do a last check to ensure that everything is in order. Of course, when they do move in, we will make sure there will be flowers to welcome them into their new home.

Settling-in services

Once practical matters are settled, the expatriate family will settle-in quickly into their new environment. Top One Relocation arranges the settling-in services such as opening a bank account, requesting an OV-chipcard, and getting to know the public transport system.  From picking them up at the airport to getting insurance policies to finding a good GP and dentist; Top One Relocation takes care of it.

Rental Management

Top One Relocation offers a variety of Property Rental Services such as:

· Lease negotiations

· Management of Maintenance and repairs

· Assistance with terminating rental contract

· Move coördination of repatriation

Cultural training

Top One Relocation provides cross-cultural programmes, together with our cross-cultural specialists. We spend a day visiting museums, parks and sporting facilities in their neighbourhood, and I explain everything about cultural practices in the Netherlands. I also provide a welcome package with practical information about the Netherlands.

Departure services

Once the assignment has come to an end, I ensure that all practical matters are quickly and correctly rounded off.

I would be happy to help your employees with their move to the Netherlands.











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