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Housing for Expats

Finding a new home is one of the most important points when moving to the Netherlands. I work together with a large number of real estate agents and brokers, know the best places in the Randstad to live and can find housing in all price ranges, for short or long periods. Before the expat comes to the Netherlands, I discuss his or her budget, wishes and what the family definitely does not want. Based on that, I make a selection of available houses that I visit together with the family. Once the choice has been made, I help negotiate the price and contract arrangements. I am independent in the choice of the residence. 

Furthermore, I check the tenancy agreement, whether it complies with the current legislation, arrange for its signing and advise the expat on the steps to take in order to obtain the key with regard to rent, security deposit and insurance. Of course I make sure that gas, water, electricity and internet are connected when the keys are handed over. 

Before the move, I make sure that any repairs have been carried out and do a final check of the premises to ensure that everything is in perfect order. Of course, there is a bunch of flowers on the table to welcome the family to their new home.

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Moving to the Netherlands with a family also means finding a school for children. This is an important part of the relocation process. We advise on the various international and local schools. Furthermore, we arrange introductory talks and a trial day. We focus on the right education at the destination. 

Of course, we also arrange the registrations and ensure that the whole family settles down quickly. We understand that the client can only fully focus on his work when the child is in good hands.

Settling in services

If daily, practical matters are arranged, it helps the expat and his or her family acclimatise to the Netherlands more quickly. For example, opening a bank account, arranging a parking permit, applying for an ov-chipcard and an explanation of the public transport. Top One Relocation does it all. From picking you up at the airport, to arranging insurances and finding good family doctors and dentists.

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Accompanied Tours

Employees from abroad who come to live in our country are faced with the choice of where to settle their families. I help them with that. I discuss the cost of living in the Netherlands, I show the expat the city or region where he or she wants to settle and I tell them what they can expect there. What kind of houses are available in which price ranges? Where can you play sports? Where are the shops? Showing them a good day-care centre or school for their children is also part of this.


Top One Relocation works with several immigration providers who can assist in the permit application process for clients with non-EU nationality. Our immigration partner also assists with the application of the 30% ruling.

Furthermore, we assist our expats with the registration at the municipality, after which a BSN number can be applied for. We also advise on the legalisation of foreign deeds.

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When the expat's secondment period is over, I make sure that all practical matters are dealt with quickly and correctly. For example, cancelling the rent, closing a bank account, deregistration from the municipal administration, stopping subscriptions. Top One Relocation takes care of it!

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